[3v3 Queue system abuse] Can you please restrict with whom you can queue?

Can you please restrict with whom you can queue? Currently, Rank 1 on the EUW 3v3 ladder (who by the way allgedly also abuses account sharing, but that's in other news) is always trio queueing with 1 or 2 smurf accounts who are on like bronze elo. Queueing like this disturbingly increases the amount of LP you gain instead of decreasing it. It also decreases the amount of LP you lose in case of a loss. It also matches you with lower rated opponents. So in order to beat Rank 1 efficiently, one has to queue with smurfs aswell. Because smurfs rank up aswell, new smurfs with low initial elo have to be bought (often times, those are botted smurf accounts). For this reason, could you please - for the time remaining of this about to be abolished gamemode - bring back queueing restrictions that do not allow players to queue with anyone they like? Like Challenger players should at max queue with diamond players like it is the case in soloQ and flexQ 5v5 and like it was earlier. Please. Knowing the top ranked player is abusing it and a few others aswell in attempt to beat said rank 1 (and shorter queue times sometimes) makes it kinda frustrating trying to climb while you're playing for 8LP per Win and -20LP per loss on average. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}

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