So why do you guys care about nerf and buff? When it clearly doesn't matter much

The only thing that need buff is you Yeah you You suck at the game and need some type of medical buff to make you smarter and stop tryna look for something to blame at ----------- Like there are a few thing that are actually too OP or are too Weak but everything is OP and too Weak for noobs Bronze players Lets say Graves super OP, a Bronze player lose with Graves - "OMG Graves need buff cus I loss with him in a ranked game" Lets say Fiddle is Weak asf, and a bronze noob loss to it - "Nerf Fiddle plz rito, hes too OP because I loss to him" even tho he is clearly weak ---------- I wonder if bad players ever think that its their own fault and not the Champs or Items BUT I GUESS WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF
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