The Real Reasons Riot is Forcing Dynamic Queue

A lot of players seem to think Riot's decision to implement dynamic queue has something to do with them wanting to improve game-play and/or the players' experience. In reality, **Riot's primary goal is maximizing profit and the players' experience is at best a secondary consideration.** Below is a Google Trends chart showing LoL interest over time: Source: The chart clearly shows that interest in League of Legends as a game has reached its top and is now on a down trend. If you're Riot, you can either let the down trend continue or try to change the dynamics of the situation. Dynamic queue was implemented to stop, or at least slow down, the decline of interest in League of Legends.** It's an attempt to force users into having a personal connection with the game by making relationships a major part, if not the major part, of success in the game**. Riot does not want you to play solo because once you've had your fill of the game, you have no reason to keep playing. Just like Facebook, Riot wants to profit from your relationships. They don't just want you to play a free game. How Riot Benefits from Dynamic Queue: 1. Players are less likely to quit if they have friends they'll leave behind. 2. Friends are more likely to gift each other. 3. Friends are more likely to buy skins and champions to impress each other. 4. Friends are more likely to form real life groups that can serve as an introduction for new players. In conclusion,** Riot is making a business decision and solo players are just collateral damage**. However, **Riot now realizes solo players are necessary for dynamic queue to function** and so are attempting to keep solo players content enough to participate in the system without affecting their new social business model. Badges are a manifestation of this realization.
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