Unpopular Opinion, but I hate URF this time around because...

TOO MUCH DAMAGE. Just that. Yes, I know it's URF, it's meant to be escalated in everything. But damn, for some reason this time damage is just wayyyy too high from right the start of the game, regardless of champ. I'm finding it really boring because its literally just "who hits enemy with 1 or 2 attacks first". There's no purpose of 80% CDR because you don't even get to land a single rotation of spell (regardless of, if you are the one killing or being killed), let alone spam the hell out of spells. I've been playing URF everytime it came, since past 5 years of me playing League. And I can say with absolute certainty that damage was never so high in previous URFs (probably not even half of it) compared to what it is this time. ADCs are killing everybody in 2 autoattacks. Mages/Assassins killing with 2 spells on average (midgame... which now laughably starts at 5-7 mins) Even if I ignore the fact that it's all random and match is almost always decided in champ selection screen. IT. IS. JUST. NOT. FUN. I'm really dissappointed with this because I've been looking forward to spam URF every day with friends when it would come out. But the damage creep have been a joykiller. I just hope RIOT could tone down damage the next time URF comes. Otherwise, at this rate we will be watching game ending at average 5mins in upcoming URFs.
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