High level trolling

I've seen a recent rise in high level players queuing up with low level players to keep the advantage of the game in their favor. Please riot fix this issue, it makes the game very difficult to learn when new players are faced with high level and experienced players..the rate at which new players learn varies..but none the less learning from getting beat down every match over and over and over and over and over from high leveled summoners is very unfair to them as new players into the game. I know from experience with my other friends that want to learn and when I make the effort of making a new account just for learning purposes the game is very unfair to them because the enemy team is stacked with 2-3 level 30 players while my team is balanced between my level and the level of my friend learning.. this match making is broken in this aspect and I would like to see this change. No level 30 player should be able to queue with anyone less then level 25 to keep the playing field as fair as possible for new players joining the community. My wife is my example..she stopped playing due to this exact thing, how can I get my wife interested in one of my favorite hobbies when this happens almost every match I play with her. Please riot fix this issue with MM.
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