Lets talk about viktor top for a sec.

Ah. This man. Fuck. So Viktor top became a thing, and I have no idea why. Probs bc some youtuber/streamer played him. However, Victor top is utterly painful to fight. Lets get into why. Before we do, lets talk to the peeps who dont know what viktor top is. Essentially, viktor gets kleptomancy, and can either rush his hexcore or get iceborn gauntlet. The whole lane is based around the fact that victor will outdamage you, will kite you, and will win that lane. If you try to trade with him? He kites with his Q, and since theres a shield/ movement speed, he will most likely win that trade. Ok then, you say. Lets be passive and rush defense. The problem is, since viktor has kleptomancy, viktor encourages passive farming. He pokes you with his q, gets gold off that, and has complete lane control. Sure, your jungler could gank, but since viktor is building off/full tank, he most likely wont die, as he has a slow/movement speed buff in his kit, combined with armor and magic resist. Now why is this a problem? Well. Like mentioned above, its a lose lose no matter how you fight this pick. Play passive and farm? Fine, he'll poke you to death, and get kleptomancy gold while doing so, so even if you get every minion, you'll still be behind in gold compared to him. Be aggressive and fight him? Go ahead, he's going to hard kite you, while outdamaging you. Counterpick him? Go for it. However, when it gets in the late game, when your team needs a certain role as a front line, you won't be able to be that role for them. "Oh well, I'll just farm under turret then. I'll be a bit behind, but at least he won't get too ahead." Problem with that? His Q is on about a 3 second cooldown, is ranged, and grants him a shield. And he has kleptomancy, i remind once more. So regardless of playstyle, viktor will be dominant. This is like tank ekko all over again. Fuck. This is worse than fighting quinn top, at least you can kill quinn by catching her off guard and bursting her down. You can't burst down a mofo tank who can slow/stun you, while speedboosting himself all over the lane. Fuck.
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