Why am I crying?

Hello Riot, I love playing League of Legends and I love improving I love climbing and I love this game saying I love this game twice so you understand I love this game. I am on a really big tilt right now and last morning I thought I finally got out and I was getting back into things until hey I got my 2ndary role twice in a row only to see people who got my main role feed their *French* off. And right now I just can't deal with this game. I do good and see a winning chance and I know we can win the game but for some reason people on my team surrender and when my team does good I do bad for some reason and I know that is my fault we lost that game. And there's the Auto fill support problems where my supports either stand still or miss everything cause they don't know how to play the champions they selected. I try so hard looking at my CS keeping track of what the enemy is buying but I just can't seem to do it. And I'm sorry to say... I'm crying over a freaking Video Game not because it's emotional but because of all the stress it is giving me. sincerely one of your faithful ADC mains Copy Mirror P.S still love the game Also how do I apply for an Artist position?
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