Not all champs need a rework, some champs just need a visual update....

Remember when they updated the old twitch model? That's what I'm talking about. A lot of champs kits are perfectly fine, but their base models are horrible. Example {{champion:96}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:82}} Have you seen the size of his feet? {{champion:24}} walking eggplant! {{champion:6}} He really needs some help in every category. These champs could really use a full visual update. The don't really need a rework, just an visual update. It's also in riot best interest to make the game look polished because looking at this {{champion:6}} as a potential new player might just make you walk the other way.
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