Mark my words, Riot has just forced Nasus into the jungle and that’s how they’ll balance him

The +12 buff doesn’t really do a ton for lane Nasus because the dynamic of his lane hasn’t changed: either Nasus was able to farm or he wasn’t. All this buff has done for lane Nasus is make him stomp harder when even against most champions or ahead - which is what he has always done. However, I’ve been seeing a lot of high elo streamers playing and complains about how absurd jungle Nasus is right now and that makes sense - theoretically, Nasus can obtain 100 stacks per each clear. As it stands, jungle Nasus is on par with lane Nasus in how quickly he stacks, in some cases jungle Nasus is stacking faster simply because 12 is more than 3. Sure, he’s prone to invades but those aren’t safe and you can take safe clearing paths now, especially if you do vertical jungling. Quite simply, it’s entirely possible that jungle Nasus is too good. Why does this concern me? Obviously I am and have been a Nasus main since 2012. I’ve alwaya played him in the top lane and that’s more or less been his goto role baring season 3. Riot literally never reverts stupid changes, they just complicate their situation further by adding on several more stupid changes and inevitably dumpstering a champion until they get across the board buffs or a rework, neither of which Nasus really needs. He was honestly fine before these buffs for what it’s worth. However, now, what Riot will do will likely be taking stacks off his normal rate (go back to 2 instead of 3 like the old days), nerf wither range (again), nerf his ults cooldown or some other totally moronic change that will make him invariably worse and kill him in top lane altogether because of an idiotic change. Riot, I don’t know what made you think this was a good idea but please, if you decide its time to nerf Nasus, just revert this stupid change. Don’t try to say “ugh but Nasus jungle is a totally hip and secret strat that has a dedicated following” because that isn’t true. He’s a top lane and that’s how he should be balanced. Please come to your senses and decide that this is the correct change to make (reverting the +12 buff). Sincerely yours, Someone who is still playing your game after 7 years (a group of people you practically don’t acknowledge anymore).
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