Just wondering about morde botlane

Well well, something drastic has happened. But let's speculate what changes will be made.. Currently if morde botlane is going to the test pilot for new-meta botlane duo he is lacking a few things. 1st:sustain Almost EVERY adc buys a dorans blade, some champs use this tactic to great effect, like draven and vayne. I really doubt morde can handle the harass from two people because his skills costs health. But again, the VFX changes on his E might mean something that is in store. 2nd: sustained damage and objectives If you get the adc role, it is crucial that you deal sustained strong output damage from a range. this also applies against towers. i seriously wonder how a melee champ can manage this and again, his Q isolated damage or E (Hence the name siphon of "destruction") looks real suspicious for a change to combat this problem. what do you think guys?
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