If the only counterplay to a champion is "do not play against them and go roam"...

... then something is clearly off with the basic design of said champion. Maybe {{champion:238}} needs a mini-rework so he's ACTUALLY an assassin - and not a burst mage that just happens to have a shitload of mobility. I just do not know what i can pick into this guy. It just feels unfair - I play a mage, land my full basic-spell rotation, it maybe does, what, a thrid of his HP? He just does this shadow-> shuriken+teleport to me, AND I AM DEAD 100-0. Why does he get a shitload of damage for his effort, but when I do the same, all I get is him yawning, chugging a pot, and then killing me the moment I try this again? Also I'd love to get my jungler to help, but there's three outcomes: he used living shadow and a) I am dead or b) he used it to poke and is now playing super safe until it is back up, or c) he uses it to port away. So then i go roam - but hey guess what, that's actually his thing, because, you know, "assassin" and stuff. So I must play this game in a way in which he by design outperforms me. To conclude: for the same effort I deal less damage, he dicates completly what happens in the lane, and I must play the game completly by his rules. Also I need to adjust my item build with extra getting {{item:3157}} and delying everything else, while he just keeps building his normal stuff he'd get anyways. How does this even remotely feel fair? Also yeah I hate LeBlanc for the same reasons. But I only got one ban. Fuck their designs, really.
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