Please do something about tryndamere.

The effort you need to play him so negative,I don' care about his splitting or damage, it's his skill needed is next to nothing. MAKE IT TO WHERE HE HAS EARNS IT. You can' leave lane, you can' go for him????????????? Fed or behind he does the EXACT SAME THING? Why??????? Because he is that fucking easy to play, because brainlessly hitting minions the whole game is how he succeeds, there is no other better way Make him hard, make him require something that every other champ requires. Even Yi requires a bit of thinking about when to go in, because he can't press R to stop from dying. He still better than nasus, and veigar and their whole thing is supposed to be about farming. You have to actually farm with abilities, tryndmere does not and yet somehow he still is better by sitting in lane 24/7. It's bad when I would rather have a 20/0 yi, than a 0/10 tryndamere at midgame.

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