Why does Yasuo instantly get compensation buffs and passive rework

So many other champions faced the same fate, where they got nerfed and left useless like aatrox, wukong passive, lissandra passive etc It shows a clear Bias. Idk what CT did to be Riots golden boy but damn did it work. Yasuo has so much little titbits that added together make him really boring to lane against. Hypermobile, annoying short cd poke and sustainability with new runes that heal for everything and shielding passive and windwall that can block any projectile. It's as if they cramped his champion design with the coolest design mechanics, and it just didnt work. Cos either he's nerfed to be useless or buffed to be unstoppable. I think he should remain the way he is, and his mains simply have to deal with it. Other champ mains have why cant they? I just hate the bias.

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