Why this game retains it's numbers.

Let's face it, where once this was a really fun game with a lot of skill involved it has now turned into a formulated game where 1 person will lose you an entire match. Which is why a lot of people are quitting. However I'm here to talk about the real reason why everyone else hasn't quit yet. And sure there are a bunch of reason why you keep playing but only 1 sticks out in my mind. Right now there isn't a game that's out there and worth devoting time into, back in the day it used to be WoW and guild wars. Then there was a bunch of things like mass effect, halo, call of duty and the like. However right now as it stands there are only a handful of games that are worth playing and none of them are super deep to the point of where you wanna spend your days and nights playing them. Once a game comes along that everyone wants to play and likes to play the numbers on this game will dwindle down to nothing, that's a promise.

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