Remember when ADCs were building lethality and supports weren't so heavily tied to enabling ADCS

And I would say things like "trust me, you don't want a meta where ADCs are building crit/lifesteal because crit builds scale infinitely better, barely ramp up slower than lethality and the damage a lethality ADC does to other squishies is roughly the same while lethality ADCs damage falls off against tanks." Remember that? Remember how everyone would lose their shit? Remember how I said the first thing that would happen in a crit ADC meta is supports would have their entire itemization changed to cater to ADCS. And remember how I said if you think you fast in a lethality meta, wait until you go to a crit meta where ADCs with IE and 80-100% crit + %pen will legit almost one shot other squishies and quickly DPS down the stronges tanks in mere seconds? HateDaddy farms remembers. HateDaddy also remembers when he would be mocked for this and all of the boys and girls of gameplay would Baby rage at him for telling the simple truth. To stop memeing for a moment now, I realize lethality had its issues. It was a stupid early game power spike for a few ADCs but at the very least, lethality ADCs not named Jhin fell off pretty hard compared to their crit counterparts. That's because even though it scales well with % armor pen, the reality is between items like ghost blade and non-DPS items, there were seriously very important windows of power ADCs had with lethality - when ghostblade was down, their DPS was significantly lower. They'd have to actually stack Black cleaver. Their damage wasn't fucking random. Crit based ADCs barely scale slower than lethality ADCs and yeah, some of that is because of supports. But why wouldn't a support build these items that enable their carries when the meta for carries is to build crit? Lethality didn't force supports to put all their eggs in one basket, crit certainly does. Additionally, I understand that some of these items like ardent censor weren't as strong - but again, even before it was buffed ADCs were building crit and still stupid and supports still mostly itemized to enable strictly ADCs. At least during lethality metas, supports would build a mixture of team utility, damage and weren't tied to an ADCs hip strictly. If a support doesn't give its ADC its blood, sweat, tears and soul, they are playing a losing style. Honestly, crit has to go. It's flawed concept. We have legit seen a style of play and meta where crit wasn't required or built at all and while it had its problem, the balance issues that stemmed from lethality pale in comparison to crit because crit is just so fucking superior. I don't even hate crit because of its pseudo-rng, I hate it because it is the best multiplicative scaling stat buffer in the game because it scales hard as fuck with two other two other multiplicative scaling stat buffers: attack speed and percentage penetration. Take any other damage arch, AP or AD alike ranging from fighter itemization to assassination itemization to mage itemization to tank itemization, it all fucking sucks compared to crit. This is why ADCs are mandatory. This is why ADCs are far superior. And this is why they will continue to be until this is addressed. And when we had a time where this wasn't built, people didn't realize it and still complained.
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