change shyvana back to the way she was before the urgot patch

i main shyv and only reason i started to play the game again shes a vary unpopular champion and vary underplayed but i am good with her least before this patch sshe did alot of dmg and the tankyness was a little low but now the tankyness is way up but the dmg is shit riot always fucks up the champions i play the most its ridiculous please return her to the state she was in before ( with one item ) the titanic hydra i was set for the game could fight any one early and now it takes 3 items and im still useless her damage is way way way down i cant do any thing ive tried multiple different builds the only one are full dmg builds she starts to do a bit of dmg but still to squishy and it takes a max w now and 3 items before her w will start acting like before the patch her dmg from before the patch it takes a full build before it will start doing any thing
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