Can we get some power back into Lissandra's kit?

I know a lot of power got taken out of Lissandra's kit due to her participation rate in competitive play, but I think they gutted her kit too hard to be useful outside of it. Shes currently in 40th place for win rates in the mid lane at a 47% win rate. ---- What I feel is currently the problem with her kit: • Passive is decent and I think it's fine where it is. • Q CD is TOO long early and the mana cost was raised as well? I know it was taken down due to her ability to push lane too fast. It was fine to increase the CD from what it was. But, it was hit too hard. As for the mana cost, it was raised at rank 5 to a higher mana cost than what she had when her passive gave her a free spell... • W damage is still too low. I know it was buffed recently, but that "buff" is still a nerf compared to what it was 3 patches prior. What was said when they buffed it was "we took some power away from her Q so we need to give it back somewhere". This was like raising the price on that sweet jacket by 30% then putting it on a 15% SALE!. The "buff" didnt work. • E is relatively fine but I feel its cooldown is too long early as well. • R feels very weak. It's base damage is right up there with similar ults however the ratio is .1-.2 AP lower. Which, I feel does not back up the rest of her kits low damage. ---- What I feel would be a good change to the kit: • Passive: no change. I feel it's in a good place. • Q: Lower the rank 1 CD to at least 8s. I'm not asking for what it used to be but 8s I feel is pretty generous. She went from the one who pushed others in to the one who cant push a wave till level 9 and an item... It doesn't need to have a high damage but it would be nice if it's base damage at rank 5 were a little higher. Around 200-210 would be nice. If need be, put the base damage at 220-230 and make it so the subsequent shatter does 70-80% less. As for the mana cost, I dont know why the later ranks mana cost was raised but It's not really a big deal as first item is usually a ludens anyway. • W: Raise the base damage slightly back to what it was pre-nerf. Keep the buffed AP ratio. If it needs to be lowered then meet in the middle at .4 AP ratio. Dont nerf it back down to .3 to give it back its base damage. • E: Its rank 1 CD should be brought down to around 20. The damage is fine but as her escape I feel its on too high of a cooldown. Having this ability on too high of a cooldown makes punishing her too easy to do if she used it well or not. With more and more champions being hyper mobile, its no longer really an escape tool either and can barely be used as an engage now. (obviously this is different with the older non-mobile champs, and is still an effective disengage.) You HAVE to either catch them off guard with it or use protobelt/flash to even get near them with how slow it moves. It's lost a lot of effectiveness that used to warrant the high base CD. If what's causing problems with it is it's ability to push a wave then make it so it does less damage to minions. • R: Raise the AP ratio to .7 or .8. Or, even deal bonus damage to the target of the stun instead of making it a flat rate in the aoe. ---- Sorry if this has all been said before, but I really miss Lissandra. And, with the abundant mass of nerfs due to her effectiveness in pro-play, it has made playing her unfulfilling and to be honest difficult to even feel like you're even playing a champion. More like a controlled super minion with some CC. This is also all directed at her in lane effectiveness and not her roam effectiveness. I realize she's a roamer but with the hot Q nerfs, she cant push well enough to be able to roam. Her damage in those roams is lackluster too. Shes literally there to CC at that point.
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