Why did they remove these?

1. The bounty symbol next to someone's health bar when they get a few kills and 2. The ability to see your allies' trinket ward stacks ?????????????? For anyone that never noticed it, when you would get a few kills there used to be a bounty symbol next to your health bar showing how much bounty gold you were worth. This was helpful in quickly identifying who was currently really big in the game and would give lots of shutdown gold. Now there's no way to tell by just looking at the scores who has a bounty. You could have 20 kills but if you were recently shut down multiple times you won't have a bounty. Also, it made you feel really important when you got that neato symbol by your name. Not sure why they removed this and added nothing back to show bounties. And second, why can we no longer see our allies' ward stacks? This was insanely useful in the game, especially for bot laners. My adcs sometimes either don't ward or flame me for not warding because they can't see that I have no ward available. When my adc wouldn't ward, usually pinging their yellow trinket would let them know to ward. It's also helpful in many other instances, like for example if the baron pit needs to be warded and my top laner is WAY closer than I am and I need to go back. But I'm not sure if they can ward or not. Asking "can you ward baron" just makes me look stupid if they have no wards. Why can we know everything else about our allies but not their ward stacks? Especially since they're able to know my sightstone stacks??
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