After living through five of these, I think I can safely say that class updates don't work

Important Disclaimer: I know nothing and all of this is just one idiot's opinion, proceed with caution. Every single one of these has sent the game into a spiraling clusterfuck for the next several patches, and in many cases has left the champions that they attempted to fix worse off than before ({{champion:90}}{{champion:42}}{{champion:7}}{{champion:107}} and now possibly {{champion:154}} and {{champion:57}}...also some would argue{{champion:35}}. Additionally, I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say that {{champion:113}} is gonna join this club in the near future....again, making the tank update an 0 for 3. Oh and once in a blue moon I see threads about {{champion:82}} but I'm sure he's fine). Then when things finally stabilize, you put out another one and the same cycle repeats itself. I don't mind big changes to the game, but shoving in these changes that no one actually asked for isn't a good way to do it. Credit where credits due, not all of these are bad, and a handful of champion reworks actually turn out pretty great, {{champion:122}}{{champion:55}} and {{champion:8}} being a few examples (I know people have mixed feelings on Vlad, but I really liked his rework and as of now, it's pretty balanced imo). At the same time, the majority of them feel unnecessary or shoved in the wrong direction. For example, why did {{champion:154}} and {{champion:161}} get reworked? No one asked for this, before the MYMU everyone looked at {{champion:161}} and thought "balanced." Do you know how rare that is? For a group of League of Legends players to look at a champion and AGREE that the champion is fine and doesn't need and major changes? So why the friggity frack did you go and add major changes to him then? And {{champion:154}}? ~~You literally say in the midseason update page, granted in different words, "Zac doesn't really need changes." In fact let me go and find the quote real quick...ah here it is: "In terms of unique skillset and a rewarding path to mastery, Zac was in the best spot to start with." You admit that he's in a good spot and then decide, let's change that for no real reason. ~~ (As a commenter pointed out, I misinterpreted this quote from Riot. I was attempting to show that Zac was in a fine spot and did not really need a rework, but misquoting people isn't the way to go about that.) Yeah, that turned out great. I'm not even gonna get into items and objectives because my dumb bronze ass is already overstepping his boundaries by acting like he knows a lot about what goes into these. Although, I will say that personally I like more items because I think allowing variance in build paths allows skill by showing who can adapt to the needs of the current game the best, but that's just me. The reason I'm even bothering to make this post is because there's a strong possibility that the next class update is going to be Divers. Divers are my favorite class in League, and I'm really worried that the potential changes are gonna fuck them over. I'm really concerned about the fates of {{champion:62}}, {{champion:254}}, {{champion:58}}, etc. Before you do another one of these, please fundamentally rethink the way you approach them, because as one of the many who has sat through all five of the previous ones, I can tell you that they do more harm to the game than good. Whatever lead to the {{champion:122}} and {{champion:55}} changes, follow that line of thinking and not the...{{champion:90}} one. Please. He wasn't a minionmancer, no one wanted him as a minionmancer, just because some dude built him AD and jungled doesn't mean anyone wanted him to be a minionmancer, fuck why do you do this to me? FUCK YOU. I'm sorry, I lost my temper. Also {{champion:104}} is a jungler...{{champion:104}} is a FUCKING JUNGLER, goddamn you already make playing ADC like getting tested for syphilis and then you turn the one AD I like into a jungler, who outjungles the Marksman that's meant to jungle (btw I'm talking about {{champion:203}} in case you forgot they exist, fuck I wouldn't blame ya). Fuck it, resident Krug feeder out. EDIT: I feel as though I should clarify something. I am speaking primarily of the class updates to champions. In regards to itemization I have very few issues except with the changes to {{item:3068}} and possibly {{item:3046}}. I am of the opinion that more items for more situations is a very good thing for this game to have.
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