An identity and effect concept suggestion for replacing Banner of Command -- Yordle Flaregun

**Yordle Flaregun** (image is simply a flaregun, maybe with a minion parachuting in the background) - The Stats and Cost would be suited for whomever Riot decides this item is best for. - UNIQUE Active: Fires a flare in a target direction that reveals the silhouette of enemies and enemy wards in its path. Once it reaches its destination and after a short delay, drops a parachuting Caster Minion (if ranged) or Melee Minion (if melee) at the nearest lane location from the flare (120 second cooldown) (ridiculously long range, like 2500). This minion only grants 25% experience and 10 gold to enemies. Additionally, if there is another allied minion in the area, the parachuting minion has greatly increased Attack Speed (if ranged) or Movement Speed (if melee) and takes 40% reduced damage for the first 5 seconds after landing. You can use this item to manipulate wave behavior, make sick plays by blocking a skillshot for your allies, adding reinforcements to support a push, and scouting out the map. However, the downside is that you give your opponents a little more exp and gold, that you "only" get another Caster or Melee minion, that you have to be nearby, there's a delay, and you have to have allied minions at the drop site for the empowerment. The active effect could be further changed to match whichever class Riot intends the item for. The ranged/melee split is only a suggestion.

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