Misconceptions of modern League

Hello community, I've been playing the game since mid way season 2, and I'd like to dispute some common complaints from the boards by going through the patch history of league as they are hard numbers, and I might do a follow up post by doing research by videos. So let's begin. **"Towers are paper, and deal 0 damage"** This is not true, according the patch history, the first change big to towers outside of pre-season 1 stages started at the end of season 4. Before the patch, towers had a static 1300 hp, and 54 resistances and mid way season 3, buffed it to 60 resistances and had double the amount for the first 8 mins of the game. The change made it so outer and inner turrets had 1000-2000 hp based on time, and base turrets had 1500-2500 hp based on time. They all had a flat 100 resistances, doubles if minions are not nearby. In terms of base damage, nothing in patch history has any record for them, the only ones recorded are before season 1, which was inhib turrets nerfed to 210 damage from 226. Arguably, this was the time inner turrets were most tanky though as they had a regenerating shield, and shielded nearby allies, making it hard to siege. At the end of season 5, they shifted away from resistances and favor of just using flat health, and sometime between seems to have removed the scaling health. This is arguably the weakest towers have ever been, as they lost 100 resistances, but not gain double the health back. Mid way season 6, towers received a huge damage buff, where they'll reach maximum damage in 3 shots over 4, and would no longer reset the damage stack when juggling aggro with champions. They also shifted the tankiness a bit, from 4000 hp to 3300 hp with 40 resistances, that makes them overall more tanky, but now they get affected by penetration, and before 7 mins, they reduce damage from all sources by 35%. I'll skip seasons inbetween 6 and now as it's just some minor rebalances, but today's turrets, the only thing that's been squishier than ever, are the nexus 2700 hp, the inhibs went back to season 6, by having 3300 hp, inner and outer turrets are 3600 hp and 3800 hp, they all have 55 resistances, and currently take reduced damage by 50% for 5 mins, except the bottom turret. If you want the full list of current turret stats, check [here](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Turret#Stats_and_rewards) Turrets right now are ever so, more tanky compared to the past, and tower dives have been more dangerous as switching aggro still hits you at the hardest the turret can hit. Tower dives are more successful because players have gotten better at doing so, and we lose towers early more often despite the increase tankiness because players find a chance to group and take it down with 4 people. You're just imagining that turrets have gotten worse, you're just wrong. Players have just gotten better. **"Damage is at an all time high, everyone can burst"** This is a yes and a no. Is damage higher than ever? Yes, by a slim margin. The topic about damage would be really huge so I'll compress it, and maybe one day make it's own post, in the mean time. Raw AD, and AP from items are in an all time low, what's deficits this reduce in raw offensive stats comes from the passives they provide, and almost all of them are conditional. Aside from earlier of this season, where the time to kill reached an all time low, the time to kill right now has settled down and has reached around the same as maybe season 5 or season 4. The increase in damage though has primarily come from offensive keystones due to old masteries really only offering stats, or % damage increases. That is all where damage has increased, you can look at champion patch histories and find that their kit damage has hardly changed (Meddler has also done this research, don't remember where to it is so I can cite it), supports can deal damage because they aren't ward slaves, and they have items that are meant for them now. Tanks have shifted from high base damages to usually having 1 form of %max hp damage because it encourages interaction between a tank v tank lane rather than being a wet noodle fight. Against squishier targets, the damage has hardly changed. Bruiser type champions have also gotten easier access to tanky/offensive items, as before they'd have to grab 2 separate items. 1 tank, 1 offensive, this is what gives them their increase in damage, but they won't be as tanky compared to before. On that note..... **"Tanks no longer exist in this game"** Yea, tell that to LCS, where tanks or tanky champions are always constantly played. Jokes aside, tanks still do exist, but how they play is different, because everyone has gotten better with other champions. People seem to expect to be able to pick a tank, go dive the whole enemy team, and survive for like 8 seconds by just standing there, no, that's not how it works. You gotta pick your fights wisely now like all classes, time your cc, and cc the right targets, then you can survive for more than 1 seconds after grabbing all the aggro. Now in terms of patches. Health from items is at an all time low, and there's a good reason for that, and that is, health is universally helpful at being tanky. So most items shifted from health, to resistances. "But there's so much true damage, and %hp damage now", yea, and tanks have finally after 7 years got easier access to CDR, and they also have defensive keystones, there isn't just offensive ones. IE has true damage now sure, but old IE hurts more than current one especially when ADCS finally get armor pen. %HP damage, from tanks, I've already explained, but from other champions? AP has gotten one, so DoT champions can beat tanks, what's the point of that? Because DPS > Tanks, that's how it's always been, on the flip note, tanks also has an anti-DoT item too now, so that's helpful. Champions that have %HP built into them, tend to be the hyper scaler ones, or suck at team fights, unless you're kai'sa, nerf her already Rito. Conqueror, was a mistake though, as it's essentially giving players %armor pen early, so building armor early isn't as effective, it was intended for bruiser type champions, but most of them already have armor pen built into them, or work really well with black cleaver, any champions outside the intended, has made it too easy in killing tanks, though most of them already usually dealt with tanks pretty well, like Jax, it has made it even more easier. In short, tanks are still well and alive. You dying in under 2 seconds I can bet 90% of the time is, you're misplaying, or already behind and got caught out by someone who's fed, which is a misplay in itself, rather than facing champion that's blatantly OP. You're free to blame conqueror I can agree that it shouldn't be allowed in the game Feel free to discuss and dispute me, not with just feelings, put some proof to back it up, mind you, old days are played completely different, so if you pull like a video in s3 zed who rushed botRk, against a renekton and say, see, damage lower, prepare, as I'll still pull out counter points, and give reasons why that's not necessarily true
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