Let's talk Caitlyn

No Kappas, no LULs, no jokes, Caitlyn is too strong right now Riot. She has been too strong for a few months now and it's starting to bother a LOT of people, including me that you are turning a blind eye on this issue. When you think about a Sniper, you think about a high-damage ranged assassin who picks out weak targets and is equally weak to being picked out - now look at Caitlyn. A Sniper, neither weak or easy to pick out. Starting at Level 2, she will put her traps everywhere your map can't spot it, like under your turret. Your camera ankle makes it really hard to even see that trap, so people that have played against Caitlyn recently already know the gist; You can't enter a bush or you die on lane, you can't walk near your turret or you step into an invisible trap. Caitlyn is a lane bully, and that's okay, but do you know what isn't okay? Being able to walk off any attempt at stopping her from bullying you. She puts 3-4 traps beneath your turret after she pushed the lane with her obnoxious passive damage adding up to your minions losing the push and the enemy minions running down your turret and now you practically already lost the lane if her Support is Thresh and/or your Jungler isn't helping. She will poke you under turret and thanks to her AA range the turret won't even react, if you as a Support or ADC try to punish her for bullying you under turret at Level 3 already, she will disengage E W Q or E Q W by exploiting animation cancelling. Because you know, like Caitlyn isn't obnoxious enough to deal with, she can do that. Her Caliber Net is supposed to be an escape tool, but above all else thanks to that animation cancelling exploit, it's a free 50% of your health down the shitter tool. You're slowed, applied with the headshot passive AND she's going to take another chunk off your health just by aiming her Q at you in mid of her E. Another problem you should look into is the way Caitlyn interacts with her Supports, because it's honestly speaking stronger than I've seen with any other ADC in this game. The fact that Caitlyn's traps can be armed in around 0.5-1 second/s is ridiculous. It's supposed to be a trap, not a grenade. People are supposed to accidentally walk on it or even intentionally trying to get to her, they shouldn't have those traps THROWN at them like a football. So please, think about Caitlyn for the next patch. Here are possible solutions I think would gut the obnoxious "100 to 0 in one trade" Caitlyn playstyle: 1. Traps arm after 2 seconds, not 1 second. 2. Trap placement range decreased by 99%. No more trap throwing behind people. 3. Caitlyn animation cancelling E removal. 4. AA range nerf 5. Passive minion damage nerf If Caitlyn couldn't throw her traps around anymore, Supports like Morgana, Thresh and Leona couldn't all-in just off 1 CC skill anymore and Caitlyn would start feeling more like other ADCs, not like an uncontested duelist mobility burst Sniper. Games already aren't that long anymore, so the idea of having a variety of earlygame bullies that don't scale into the lategame is already very stupid to be honest.
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