This entire Preseason is a massive failure.

Im truly impressed that Riot actually managed to make this game worse than the garbage that was Season 8. - Dark Harvest is probably not balancable. Its not the amount of damage it deals, its the mechanic thats fundamentally flawed. It simply does not feel good playing against an execute Rune. Also the reset mechanic is bullshit. What happened to reducing upfront burst damage? You just added in more. - The new bounties are utterly stupid. People are basically being punished for being good. Not to mention that often times the bounties make no sense - Turret plating giving gold is beyond stupid. Tankier turrets is what everyone wanted, but why the fuck do they give such absurd amounts of gold? This only increases snowball and increases damage due to more gold being available early in the game. - What the fuck happened to reducing damage? Cause im not seeing it. Seems pretty obvious at this point that some idiot at Riot wants damage to be this high and they just 'acknowledged the issue' 9 months into s8 to placate the community when they had no intention of lowering it. But its just Preseason right? Its fine everything will be fixed wait for Midseason.
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