**I am perfectly fine with his nerfs.** Hear me out. His Q nerf is fine. It only punishes those who don't bother to position themselves when fighting. If you're someone with half a brain who can land the edge of the Q, congrats, this nerf doesn't affect you at all. His passive nerf is fine. It only affects REALLY early game, and doesn't affect his late game at all (which, by the way, I think is perfectly fine). Early game Darius could outduel everyone except a select few, thanks to this passive. I'm fine with it being a little bit weaker for the sake of balance. As for his ranged matchups, 1. They will either get hit by the edge of the blade, or not at all. If they're too close, then that's a mistake on their part. Unaffected. 2. Especially in the early game, unless they're extremely careless, you won't be able to get 5 stacks of Hemorrhage on them anyway. Darius is pretty strong; I don't understand why people are endlessly attacked for thinking that.
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