Mastery points and unlimited level cap has made my life hell.

Dear Mr. Riot mens I know you do many things to keep the game interesting. Events with missions, map overlay, new champions, new skins and many other things, and thank you for that, you guys and girls are awesome. Lately though you implemented public showing of mastery points and summoner level and since then the game I enjoy playing has become hell. I do not fool myself by thinking that I am a better player then I am, I know my skill level is in the Bronze/Iron division, and I am fine with that. I play mainly only one champion and I am fine with that too. The issue that comes from that is that I accumulate a lot of mastery points and simply playing the game my summoner level also increase. Back in the day when there was only level 30 and no mastery points I could just say "yes I know and I am fine with it" when people started to talk about how bad I was in game and then that was usually it. Now people starts to non stop taunt with "omg that many mastery points and you suck that bad" "omg that level and you still in Bronze" "get a life you bad no life player" and there is nothing I can do about it. Yes I can mute them in game, and I do, but it continue in post chat in a way that makes the game a really unpleasant experience. My block list is full so I can't even block them any more. Sometimes it even cross the border of harassment and honestly I am starting to get a little sick of it. I just wanna play the game, pass time and have fun and the public point system starts to make that impossible for me. If it is not possible to remove the point system then at least make it possible to be private. Both ingame and for every stats snitching website on the internet.
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