Riven needs buffs, she is slowly falling behind everyone else, and is no longer unique

I'm so fucking done of feeling absolutely useless compared to other champions. If you want to climb, why not pick Camille, she has a safer laning phase, can be even aggressive if she wants to be without getting punished for it as hard, and can consistently dive in a team fight to where she wants with little fail. Or pick the flavor of the month Irelia that is just absolutely butt blasted broken (200 AA range btw). Rivens laning phase, is like gone, she barely has any pressure anymore if the enemy laner has a brain. If you miss step just by a bit, that's it, your behind or you lose laning phase, theres like no catching up with her anymore because of the item route she has to go. If you don't do everything you need to do perfectly with little fail, you get punished extremely hard for it, more so than on other champions. Rivens mobility, is meaning less and less as time goes on. A lot of champions now, and items, give move speed and dashes, her mobility is no longer as unique as it once was, and people need to stop saying "but oh, you have 4 dashes and a shield, stfu riven main, you're broken" DO YOU FUCKING REALIZE, YOU IDIOT, THAT WHEN I HAVE TO GAP CLOSE ON TO YOU, I AM MORE THAN LIKELY LOSING MY SHIELD, AND SOME OF MY Q DAMAGE TO GET TO YOU, AND THEN YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO TO YOU? NOTHING, JUST TIAMET CANCEL, AA, AND MAYBE W BEFORE I ULT, HALF HER KIT IS GONE BEFORE I GET TO YOU, AND SOMETIMES I HAVE TO WASTE ALL MY QS AND E TO GET TO YOU, AND THEN WHAT, IM JUST AAING YOU? FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH YOUR IGNORANT VIEW ON RIVEN "but but, there's so many high elo riven mains", okay, yeah, we have dekar, viper, adrian, and boxbox. Let's say for a second that they didn't play Riven, do you know what elo they would be? HIGH FUCKING ELO, just because there playing riven, doesn't mean that Riven is okay. If Adrian spammed Camille, I'm pretty sure he would get just as high as he would on Riven. Rivens win rate is inflated, inflated as fucking hell. There are so many riven mains with hundreds of games on her that have between a 51-59% win rate, that it equals out from the idiots that have a 20-40% win rate, and the only reason riven mains even have a decent win rate over a lot of games is knowledge of the champion. If Riven didn't have animation cancels and specific things to learn, she would be a garbage ass champion that barely anyone would want to play. If you took animation cancelling from her, her win rate would drop by like 5-7%, AND THE ANIMATION CANCELLING IS A BUG, ITS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE, AKA, THE CHAMPION SUCKS ASS STANDING BY ITSELF "but but, your R, gives you so much AD and range, and it's an AoE assassinate", okay, you watch too many boxbox one shot montages to think that her ult is an AoE assassinate. 8 times out of 10, the Ultimate is used to kill one specific person, only on rare occasion is it used to actually kill 2-4 people at once. I'm just mad, I want to play Riven, and make people feel like they can't do anything against me as if I'm playing Camille/Irelia, but I can't, because her kit is just slowly falling behind everyone elses. I mean, look at the fucking Aatrox rework for fucks sake, his Q thing, is sooooooo much better than ours, sure it doesn't allow him to move, but it's utility is in fucking sane, plus, he does have two mini dashes on his E THAT HAS A FUCKING PASSIVE THAT GIVES HIM LIFE STEAL ON ALL DAMAGE HE DOES, WHY THE FUCK DONT WE HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT PASSIVE Renekton has healing in his kit Camille has healing in her kit Olaf has healing in his kit Irelia has healing in her kit Fiora has healing in her kit New Aatrox now has healing in his kit Tryndamere has healing in his kit Yorick has healing in his kit Darius has healing in his kit ALL OF THESE THINGS HELP WITH SELF SUSTAIN IN LANE, what does riven have early game for laning? a shield on a long cool down that has to be used exceptionally well, or else it's useless, but it scales with AD so I guess that makes it broken to the rest of the community, right? RIGHT? Where was our compensation buffs when we lost 10% CDR early game? Where was our compensation buffs when we have to go through the shitty build path that is BC that Riven doesn't need? Where was our compensation buffs for losing Fervor (Conqeuror is clunky sometimes, and sometimes drops RIGHT WHEN YOUR ABOUT TO GO FUCKING IN AND THEN YOU HAVE NO KEYSTONE FOR 4 SECONDS, AND YOU HAVE TO ACTIVATE IT WITH AN AA BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS TO DO DAMAGE)? Where was out compensation buffs to the fact that we have to get a combination of attack speed (a stat we don't need or want) to get our so called "bruiser keystone" in precision? Bruiser items no longer coming until next year, only thing that may of helped Riven a bit :)))))))))))))))))))) but hey guys, don't worry, riven is fine, riven mains are delusional Things she needs (Some are quality of life improvements) 1.Give back her actual fast Q, they normalized it for people with bad ping, I should be allowed to fast combo as fast as my mechanics allow me to 2.I want the speed on my Ultimate back 3.You know what, fuck you, I want healing in my kit, or innate armor penetration to help with my early game, OR EVEN, just give me a flat fucking 10% CDR reduction on all my abilities so I feel 1/5th similar to what I was like a year ago 4.Reduce Ultimate CD at rank one, 130 seconds at rank 1, are you fucking high, do I look like Amumu to you? 5.More damage on her passive or her Ultimate Ask any Riven player, they feel like playing Riven is a fucking chore.
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