So many people cry "Nerf damage". No one has foresight.

Think, people. Use your heads and think. Why would Riot tackle issues one class at a time and not all at once? Obviously so they don't throw the entire game into the ether in one patch and they can try to adjust the course of specific changes, in case a few of them are off the mark. The more changes you make at once, the more you have to individually assess and deal with if a balance issue arises, which will very easily happen. Aighty, well let's assume they'll just nerf EVERY CHAMP'S DAMAGE regardless of this. From Aatrox to Zyra. Everyone. What's the issue? The absolutely asinine part of this "request" (more like baseless bitching) is that...well...who wins if EVERYONE'S damage decreases? - Tanks. You'd just force the whole game into a tank meta *again,* which would then force the whole game into a hyper carry meta *again,* and we all know that, in hyper carry metas, the whole game will revolve around bot lane at that point. Just like in season 7 and just like in season 5 (season 5 being even worse because it was more about stalling to 40+ minutes and winning/losing off of 1 team fight). - Marksmen. Marksmen ain't worried about killing you in 2 autos. They're worried about *killing you first, period.* Doesn't matter if it's now or 5 autos later. Mages have to *stop attacking.* Assassins have to *stop attacking.* Divers and jugs get kited out. Marksmen are the ones that LOVE elongated dps fights. Any world where it takes longer for marksmen to die is a world where marksmen would rather be. Who cares if their damage is hampered *a little?* If EVERYONE ELSE'S DAMAGE is also brought down, and marksmen STILL have access to defensive items and life steal, marksmen win by nature of being marksmen, and they're STILL going to melt you away with crits. - Enchanters In a world where people actually stand to gain something from fighting, enchanters are going to be seen a shitty. In a world where you DON'T, enchanters are a god send...since they run a lesser risk of being slain in the stages of the game where they're more vulnerable. Just like how marksmen enjoy metas where chances of dying are slimmer, enchanters enjoy metas where there's a lesser chance where you kill their allies through their defenses. The fact that pros are *hungry* for early game aggression and play making right now is a large factor as to why it's significantly more interesting to watch as of recent...and why none of them are playing enchanters. If I pick Alistar and slam your Janna dead, there's no point in the Janna pick, but if I do my combo, get my follow-up, *and the target somehow lives,* there is now no point to MY ALISTAR PICK. Janna's peel is way heavier and safer than Alistar's, and if the game comes down to it, I'd rather just be Lulu and try to match the Janna *if I'm not able to seize the early game.* Thus, if it's harder for *everyone* to die, all sustain supports (enchanters) are automatically buffed. My main point is that the issue isn't *damage...* sorta. It KINDA was, but Riot's made strides already to reduce burst damage output, and if people bother fact checking, we're at a point where burst damage is relatively similar to earlier seasons, but just comes from different sources (keystones and runes rather than 120 AP on Zhonya's and a DFG ready to outright dismantle someone). The long standing issue, though, is that people don't even bother solving their own issues before it gets out of hand. If an enemy is already 7/2 at 10 minutes and he's rolling over everyone, now is NOT the time for {{item:1033}} or {{item:1031}}. You should have either played smarter or bought whatever resistances and played safer *like 5 minutes ago.* Damage isn't too high *if you're actually using your head.* All you'll accomplish by drastically reducing damage in the game is throwing the game back to tanks, enchanters, and marksmen, like season 5's Jinx and season 7's Ardent meta...AGAIN...because they thrive best in elongated fights where they don't die too quickly.
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