The promos syndrome

Promos to dia.. yey! Spot the promos: First Fiora game: adc is 2/8/3, mid is 3/8/2, I'm rather fed myself as Fiora but the enemy adc is fed enough to kill me in 1.5sec. Game over. Second as Nami: Someone decides to ban twitch, jungle (who apparently wanted to play twitch) starts trolling with his premade, going singed soraka (both had about 1k mastery points with the respective champions) with smite+ghost and following our jg to steal his camps. Our jg quits by 3min and soraka/singed afk under their towers at mid/top. Atleast they agreed to ff by 15. Third as Fiora: Lanephase somewhat finishes as I'm 2/0/2. Lo and behold, our bot is about 0/10 and the enemy adc can two shot me yet again. Game over. Please do tell me this kind of shittery is just a coincidence. One that's happening on every promos.
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