Justicar Syndra's VFX

I was just wondering if it's possible to make Justicar Syndra's orbs brighter. Let me explain. I am not necessarily colourblind but I do have some issues with picking up lighter colours. Because if this it's really difficult for me to see the effects on Justicar Syndra, I can't even use the skin because I can barely see the orbs. What gives me the most trouble is her E in that skin, it's basically non existent. For me specifically, the problem exists both when she's on my team and when she on the enemy. The red orbs are slightly easier to spot, not by much though. Even when she is on the enemy team, the E is still the most difficult to see, which makes dodging it harder. I'm just asking for a look at the effects on Justicar Syndra and if there is a way to make them stand out a little more. I love Syndra as well as her skins but it makes playing the game a little bit difficult sometimes. Thank you.

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