Personal opinion: season 9 has become the hardest one to carry and win games in

This season has really pushed me away from playing the game as much as I normally do. Do you feel the same? I think this is because most of the games are a complete coin flip. The game is now all about who picks the champ with the most 1v9 potential and stomps lane/mid game the hardest. Being a support main and playing and something like Lulu, Taric, or Nami you usually have no impact on the game's outcome, even if you do pick the champion into the right situation and play out of your mind. Same goes for any non- 1v9-get-fed-kill-everyone-in-sight champ in all lanes. Also, as others have mentioned the games being easier to tilt and lose than actually carry, and smurfs, also play a role in this problem. The bounties rework was supposed to help fix this, but I honestly feel that it wasn't enough and more needs to be done. The games are just flat out not fun to play anymore. Most of you will say "then play something else" but league is really the best game out there right now in most aspects, it's just that matchmaking and ranked gameplay are in a terrible spot at the moment. I have a deep love for this game and I really want to enjoy it again. I wanna know, do you agree? And if so, what do you think could be done to help change this? I have been playing since late season 3 and I really feel that the game is worse than it's ever been before.
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