Why is riot removing/reworking most of the awesome things that the original LoL had ?

- Dark summoner's rift. Now it's more like fairy tale's rifts. Champions are here to fight to death it shouldn't be disneyland. - Occidental Medieval fantastic themes for champions and skins. Now it's more like a mix between fantasy and/or asian style... Very rarey occidental. - Destroying a mysterious, dark, strong Lore. ( THEY EVEN CHANGED THE LORE : wtf is left from the original game ?) - Removing boot enchants. - removing pink wards ( the ability to fight every kind of invisibility ) - Giving free wards trinkets. - reworking and destroying thematics or iconic spells with champion reworks (excepted : wariwick nunu and kayle) - Reworking items that were currently balanced. - Destroying ancient runes and masteries system. - Removing Graves's cigar (hopefully they put it back) Removing graves as an adc... - Rererereworking Ryryryyryryryze. - Creating Yasuo. - Removing double ratios from champions (ad and ap ratios were common for most champions). - Decreasing game lenght. - Increasing damage and snowball. - Nerfing turrets. - Removing the client service that suggested you high elo games for you to watch to improve yourself. - Definitively punishing the use of custom skins or totally disabling it. After season 5 i only saw Riot progressively removing things that made LoL a big succes and replacing them with new things that were in most cases a downgrade or a dull change. You can refresh a game without removing old core aspects... You don't need to change everything to modernise it... If you are not loyal to your original concepts (Gameplay and art) then you lost the magic recipe that made your game a success...
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