i Just Lost a Game Because of UR Garbage Client

Thx Riot i Bust my ass to win 15 LP and i just lost 21 LP in 10 minutes because of YOUR GARBAGE BUGGY CLIENT. SO . We went into champ select . i was first pick and i was hovering tryndamere . Support ASked me to pick him Yummi he will pick me tryndamere . So i did but then after all players picked their champs he was trading with me and i was spam clicking on that TRADE button. IT DOESNT work . HE traded again . i spam clicked on THAT again and and it was doing nothing that button wasnt working. then i tried to dodge and i did in last 3 seconds but then i logged in and i saw i didnt dodge and game started. u can see what happened : https://res.cloudinary.com/dolstrmxz/image/upload/v1558446557/client2.jpg The FUNNY PART is After game ended and everyone Flamed me and reported me The client shows me This : https://res.cloudinary.com/dolstrmxz/image/upload/v1558446557/client1.jpg Seriously Riot IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE THE CLIENT of THE MOST POPULAR ONLINE GAME ???? Today will be long day for me i have to bust my ass to get this 21LP back also my 4 teammates too. Guess How im feeling about u RIOT
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