The state of jungle is horrific, and its becuase of the scuttle changes

and it has been since the horrific scuttle change the issue is.. which ever jungle gets ahead... stay ahead.. it doesn't matter HOW they got ahead.. they could have killed you at scuttle.. they could have killed your bot lane because your bot overextended. the issue is... once your behind..... then INSTANT you cant kill them in a 1v1.. you're screwed in the jungle. there is no catchup exp in the jungle... we no longer have trackers knife for vision.. we only get ONE control ward at a time and there is no "Wolf" smite to grant vision so how did scuttle fuck everything up well its simple.. scuttle used to give almost no exp ( 10 exp at every level) this was a camp used for vision, it didn't attack you... honeyfruit were in the river and scuttle was in the river.. river was a place where u would go heal up get mana... get vision with scuttle, then then get ready for a gank or taking a objective like dragon or herald if u were behind.. you could take scuttle to help watch for invades... you could grab it to help spot roams.. and u could always heal off it and the fruit in the river.. this way if u were invaded u woudl at least be healthy enough to fight them off until help arrived you were also usaully level 3 when u took it... granting you access to your full kit outside of your ultimate so what changed? well what changed was the removed scuttles old role and gave it a new one... just another camp.. and what does this do well since scuttle now gives a LOT of exp and it doesn't attack you back AND its grants vision.. and its near honeyfruit. AND there is only 1 now ITS A CRAZY GOOD THING TO TAKE.. if its up... you ALWAYS want it. it used to be something you would grab strategically to heal with. to get vision. now.. the instant it spawns.. you want to get it IMMEDIATELY. this turns what used to be an area here u would heal up in the jungle.. into an area that is extremely unsafe to go it also means u LOST that healing up area and instead of grabbing scuttle FOR vision.. if u are behind u would have to set up vision to be able to safely take it. because now your fighting over it.. you didn't used to "get a lead" when u took scuttle" you use to "recover" when u took scuttle. if u were at full hp it did do anything other than grant vision if u had control over their jungle there was no need to take it because u already has vision control. it was a place where u went to heal and get vision and what does it do now? well if the game is even. then you can fight each-other for it.. but if one of u gets a lead for ANY reason well if your low u don't want to go near it because you KNOW the enemy jungler is there if its taken.. you cant heal near it because they will see you and take your camps if they are far away or kill you if you are near. you cant fight them to contest it so you are giving them an entire camp advantage every time take. they then get vision of an objective so u cant try to take that to get back into the game.. it also blocks a gank path. at the same time.. we know longer have trackers.. we cant ward up safely anymore.. if we hit vision plant .. that reveals our location.. allowing them to counter-jungle. and any halfway decent jungler knows they can abuse this. so they might start by taking one extra camp from you.. then get further ahead.. then take two. and there really is no way back in the game... there aren't enough wards to jungle safely. there is no place to heal because honeyfruit is in the river , you cant take scuttle for vision on invades because they will be there ready to fight and kill you for it. the catchup exp is gone so u wont recover that way. either top or bottom is nearly always going to have the scuttle taken so they become a lot harder to successfully gank and a lot easier for the opposing team's laner to ward up up the only path u can take. and if u think u can wait for lategame for the gold to even out and not matter, well.. there hasn't been a lategame in nearly 2 years and unless your playing a champion like {{champion:11}} which has a massive power-spike to a point where it no longer matter how far they are ahead. you're completely screwed. this was all because of riot STUPID scuttle change now people say " junglers are OP". no their not.. the issue is..ONE jungler is completely unstoppable because they get access to BOTH junglers and gold and can with enormous ease effectively shut the other jungler out of the game with as little as a 500 gold lead early on. there is no way to recover in the jungle unless one of two things happen 1. your in voice chat with your teammates and one of them is very heavily winning lane and can baby sit you in your jungle if the enemy jungler comes 2. the other team completely and royally fucks up to get you like a triple kill with a shutdown or two to get you back into the game.. but there is nothing YOU as the losing jungler and do. its all about hoping to god they fuck up, or hoping you have a voice chat duo who is crushing lane and can baby sit you to keep you safe.
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