It's no wonder Twisted Treeline is being removed - you haven't done a thing to it in how long?

Riot, you have literally just watched the mode rot so you could remove it? I'm very upset at the this, and it's weird because I usually defend Riot in lots of situations. Not this time. The excuses for removing the mode are understandable if you consider the fact that the mode has been left on life support with Riot doing literally nothing significant to it for years. Let's not just pretend that Riot hasn't completely just outright ignored TT's existence, like they tried to make it seem in the dev blog post. The excuses for removing the mode are just awful and not exactly telling the whole story. I used to play that mode exclusively but ended up quitting years ago after Riot stopped caring or even tried to fix some of the glaring balance issues that had solutions. This is similar to how Riot 'pulled the plug' on Dominion. I used to love the Dominion, and you did the exact same thing to that mode. **They just stop supporting the mode, let the population slowly die due to lack of changes or balancing, then claim you have to close the mode because not enough people play it** - and the cherry on the top is that TFT just released, what a coincidence. I'm sorry Riot, this is 100% on you for literally slowly destroying that mode by not doing ANYTHING about ANY of the HUGE issues that have built up due to your negligence. You haven't even tried to do anything! You just sat back and let it rot, and now that you finally talk about the mode after all this time it's to let us know it's being removed. Could you really not allot ANY effort whatsoever to balance the mode in the last few years with all the other extra modes you're working on. The fact you put 3's aside really means that you guys put the nails in the coffin yourself, so don't pretend this isn't your fault. WHEN YOU COMPLETELY IGNORE A MODE IT WILL EVENTUALLY GET SO BAD THAT PEOPLE WILL QUIT. And Riot is sitting here scratching their heads wondering why people haven't been playing 3s? Really Riot?? I was hoping one day you're do SOMETHING to the mode, and now that you have I regret having had hope.
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