Game duration and internet cafes

It is said that RIOT is trying to keep games short for the internet cafes users, so that they can cram more matches in the hour they're being charged for. Now, besides the fact that personally I'd take one good 45 minutes match over three 15 minutes curbstomps any time, there's a fact I'd like to point out: we already had a short, fast paced game mode. So, my question is: if your goal is to have fast paced short games for the internet cafes crowd to enjoy, then why are you killing Summoner's Rift for it? #Just bring back Dominion instead! Maybe polish it, assign someone to keep it somewhat balanced, keep the bots away... you know, do the things that would have prevented (in the general consensus) it from dying and there you are: you have your exciting but short games without having to sacrifice Summoner's Rift.

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