Riot needs to decide wtf Camille is.

Is she a hit and run champ? A fighter? A jungler? Or an assassin? Because right now she's filling all of these pretty damn well. Don't wanna fight the bitch face to face because she's got true damage and %hp damage and an INESCAPABLE ULT. Don't want to attempt to fight the bitch with a ranged champ because she will tether her ass to the nearest wall and kick you in the face, stun your ass hit you twice do her sweep while she runs away and wins the trade. You have essentially made Riven 2.0 in the sense of "fun to play against". I don't like losing a trade because she hard cheesed me. I don't enjoy being 100% stuck inside of the dumbest ult you could possibly think of. Imagine for a second, if you would, that when {{champion:57}} ults and you're inside his ring that you're unable to escape. They would shit all over him in a heartbeat and people would be outraged. Yes I got shit on by a Camille, yes I'm salty but this bitch is the definition of cancer. I would rather play {{champion:136}} vs {{champion:238}} than to have Camille in my game again.
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