Ashe's main reason to be picked has become irrelevant in 2019

Literally used to pick ashe in 2012/2013 for her permaslow that was strong against melee champions, so if they had 2 or 3 melees, you picked ashe and had a greater chance to win than other adcs. but then EVERY SINGLE ADC that gets released is anti-melee, just list me one adc that has a hard time dealing with melee champions I tried, and I would think of possibly jinx, varus, kog and that's it Lucian? mobile af Kalista? same Jhin? is permaghosted Xayah? has bonus movement speed, ult, and her E deals more damage the closer the enemies are to her Kai'sa? Jesus the permaslow doesn't matter anymore, you don't need it when you have other tools + better damage than ashe
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