Almost seems like riot's balance team is intentionally trying to ruin the games balance

For the longest time thought it was just incompetence/not playing the game but this shit is outta hand.{{champion:122}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:555}} all receiving buffs when the lot of them are performing decent to amazingly. Hell Kha was *just* nerfed to keep him in line since he was stomping solo que before his changes, people are gonna argue fio and darius are "weak" because mah win-rate but both those champs are popular fighters and if you think either of the are weak then that word has lost all meaning. Fiora is supposed to be gated by having a meh early game because her late game is borderline impossible to deal with if she gets ahead, darius got a buff to his damage build despite having damage all over his kit and this is coming from a person who plays him pretty frequently its fucking dumb. Pyke doing well in plat+? Better add 50 extra to his true damage execute threshold. {{champion:84}} Is still interactive and fun to play against and totally doesn't have near the same issue as pre-rework poppy where if she wants a target dead there is little a tea can do to stop her since she'll be dipping into stealth the entire fight refreshing its duration with her speedboosts and dashes before annihilating her target.
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