My thoughts on Brand buffs on Pbe and the champion as a faulty designed champ

Brands buff thats currently on Pbe. Conflagration (E) damage increased from 70/90/110/130/150 to 70/95/120/145/170 AP ratio increased from 35% to 45% I do like u riot but i bet u will come up with an excuse and say u hope this change will push him more mid lane (it wont ) and it will help his wave clear. All the dmg increase will do is that it will give support brand more dmg to play around with. So news flash for those who dont know , particulary to our new players that have come the recent years. Brand was originally and was supposed to be a mid laner. That has changed in the recent years and with the small rework he got which made him even better support. Riot has said that they want him to be played more mid which is why the mana refund on his E was added and at times increased. Well didnt work now did it why? , because champions design is faulty for mid. The issue is that Brand is by design flawed and so is Zyra. By flawed i mean that riot really really wish they could be played mid but due to how they are made they will Never be played mid majorly they will almost Always be prefered support there their base dmg will help make enemy adc suffer and at times one shot him if hes not careful and play very safe unless ur lucky and have a support that might be able to deal with them. Thats Brand and Zyra in a nutshell. This buff and every buff that Brand gets in his future will most likely just make him stronger support (same goes for Zyra and equally flawed champ). It will in most cases never make him being played mid unless u want something new to play with in mid or ur Froggen who likes him for some reason mid.
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