[Champion Rework] Aatrox -The Darkin Blade

I have heard from some sources that Aatrox is planned to be reworked, although I don't know when nor do I know the direction Riot will take with him (if they've decided upon one yet), but nevertheless I thought of sharing a bit of my rough ideas, and I'd like to hear your thoughts on it, whether you're an Aatrox fan yourself or not. (I will mostly avoid giving exact numbers for range/cooldowns/spell costs/spell names/etc. for multiple reasons, and would leave those finer details for the balancing team to test and tweak) **Blood Well** _(Passive)_ I wouldn't mind leaving this mostly unchanged, except for a few minor tweaks. Blood Well now fills an x amount whenever Aatrox loses health (from enemy attacks or spell costs) or self heals (life steal or Aatrox's own spells, not from ally heals). During the channel when reviving, Aatrox will have an aura around him which sucks the health of nearby enemy champions, minions, and neutral monsters to heal him in addition to the life he heals by draining his own Blood Well. Still gives attack speed depending on how much Blood Well is filled. **Q:** Aatrox extends his sword in a line forward for medium reach, damaging all enemy minions and neutral monsters it passes through. The sword stops at the first enemy champion or epic monster, damaging stunning them for 1 seconds, while Aatrox quickly pulls himself to the target hit. Also works on turrets and walls. **W:** _Passive:_ Every third basic attack Aatrox lands drains health from the target hit, dealing extra damage and healing Aatrox for a small amount. If Aatrox is below 40% health, the healing is tripled. _Active:_ Aatrox extends his sword, gaining additional reach on his basic attacks. Aatrox also gains the full attack speed bonus from 100% Blood Well gauge, even if Blood Well isn't filled. For the duration, each attack will fill the Blood Well by an x amount. **E:** Aatrox sends out a beam in a line in front of him, damaging all enemy minions and neutral monsters that it passes through. The beam stops at the first enemy champion or epic monster, damaging and slowing them, and sending back an orb to Aatrox, which damages all enemy units, neutral monsters and epic monsters that it passes through. When the orb reaches Aatrox, he is healed for an x amount. _(Note: if the beam does not hit an enemy champion or epic monster, there won't be an orb sent back to Aatrox)_ **R:** Aatrox takes flight and lands on the designated area, dealing damage in a big area around the impact area. Those close to the impact get knocked up and stunned for 1 second. Those farther away in the area get slowed by 90% for 0,5 sec, after which, if they're still in the AoE of the impact, will get knocked up and stunned for 0,5 sec. Aatrox gains an aura that covers a moderately large area. Allies within the aura have increased movement and attack speed when attacking enemy champions or moving towards enemy champions, and abilities have slightly reduced cooldowns. {{champion:266}} (P.S. I hope now this is the correct section to post this to)

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