What was the point of the Vel'koz rework again?

On the PBE today: **Life Form Disintegration Ray (R) ** Base damage lowered to 450/625/800 from 500/725/950 _Now applies passive_ - Added to tooltip "Enemies that stay in the beam will periodically gain Organic Deconstruction stacks." Because it looks to me like you guys have no idea what the hell you're doing. The Vel'koz rework significantly changed how he needed to be played since you needed to proc his passive for his ult to do the most damage. But now you don't? I'm not saying this is a bad change, it's actually a very good one. But it's one that makes literally no sense considering every other change you've made to Vel'koz before this point. Is this change basically an admission that the Vel'koz rework was a failure? Because if this change goes through, he goes back to playing exactly how he did pre-rework.
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