Hello Riot? Its about time we see an Ekko buff in the patch notes

This champion sucks man and its so frustrating playing him but I can't stop because i'm ADDICTED. Literally how do you get by laning phase without the enemy mid laner just being completely garbage. In a normal trading combo with Ekko, you EQ auto, proc electrocute then run away, but if you miss Q its over for you, yet a successful combo only deals about 30% max hp at level 3 where by zed and fizz can instantly delete you with a level 3 combo and ignite. Why is Ekko so weak, it's actually disgusting that his damage RELYS on a 3 hit passive sometimes where you cant even proc it because you get kited to your demise. Why can't Ekko 1 shot the adc without electrocute and protobelt like EVERY OTHER assassin, unless he's like 20/0. His Q ability literaly deals deals 0 damage is meant only for the sole purpose of proccing his passive which isnt fair. Its a slow moving ability, fairly easy to dodge(also hard to land, they can just sidestep) why cant Ekko be rewarded with extra damage by landing it, making trades more favorable. Why doesn't Ekko get a compensation such as a shield or invulnerability when diving in for a trade in lane. Literally champions such as {{champion:517}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:105}} are all exmaples of champions who are compensated due to the fact that they have to be IN RANGE to deal their damage. Before anyone even mentions Ekko's W for trading, theres no way anyone in their right mind is going to pop their W for every trade, first of all you wont land it, second of all your mana will be depleted. Ekko is very prone to crowd control due to the fact that he has to dive in head first with no invulnerability. So when he gets stunned its over because he can't use his ult, why can tryndamere ult under crowd control but Ekko can't. Like c'mon, lemme go back to where I was 4 seconds ago BEFORE I was condemned for an eternity so I can murder that vayne(in game). ALSO there is this absolutely disgusting interaction with sylas after stealing Ekko's ultimate. Why is he able to cast my ultimately instantly without having to wait 4 seconds????? Riot... Just please, buff Ekko, let him do damage, please don't turn him into an ivern. Ty. Oh yeah also, nerf diana, shes a mega tank, yet a high burst assassin, a FULL combo on her (QWER) does about 300 damage considering her 2.5k HP :) Thanks riot.
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