Halving the XP to hit level 30 was a double-edged sword, wasn't it?

Long story short, this account is banned, and some friends of mine are helping me work on my low self-esteem and resultant attitude problems on a new account. It got me to thinking about how Riot halved the XP to hit level 30 a while back, and I realized that it's not entirely a positive, especially for actually new players. - It means less overall gameplay experience before getting matched versus better players. - Less games played = less IP earned = less content available en route to 30. In the end, it makes the halved XP something of a cash grab since it means people will be more inclined to spend RP on champions. - Unrelated to the XP, but keystones make matchmaking around the -teen levels a lot more volatile than it should be. - Making tier 2 runes 1 IP each was only a band-aid fix for the issues runes cause, honestly. I know Riot said there's a rune update coming eventually, but who knows when that'll actually happen since the rune system is part of the game's money-making paradigm. Just a few thoughts.
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