How about just deleting Skarner from the game?

I don't really play LOL anymore, I uninstalled the game quite a while ago. The reason for that is that as a Skarner main, it was just painful to see every champ get reverts and skins, get reworks and get talked about. And meanwhile, the Rioters won't even talk about Skarner. At most he might get mentioned 2-4 times a year by a rioter. And frankly, while I do find it disgusting, I have already resigned to his fate. You will keep pumping out new champs and skins for popular champions and VGUs and reworks for champs that don't need it. I do admire the Skarner mains who perseveres in requesting for his spires to get removed. But Riot obviously has no intention of giving a VGU or reverting the rework for the foreseeable future. Even after I uninstalled LOL, I still used to watch the news and keep up to date on the meta. But when I saw that every champ was getting attention from Riot, I even stopped following the news. I therefore humbly ask of you Riot, just delete Skarner from the game. Put the poor scorpion out of his misery. If you really have no plans for Skarner, I think you should just delete him and free up some space and bandwidth for one of your other champs in the pipeline. There aren't many Skarner fans anymore, so you won't lose many players, and the ones that remain don't have to cling on to this false sense of hope. I certainly admire Skarner mains such as Shahamut who are persistent in their requests for a revert. But I think it's for naught. It's obvious that Riot listens to everybody but Skarner mains. So I think it's better to just put the poor scorpion out of his misery and move on to other games. We Skarner mains certainly won't be missed
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