Camille's ult is what Xin Zhao's should have been

Knocking back all allies and forcing a 1v1 arena duel? That should have been Xin Zhao's niche as a Diver. Unfortunately, now it looks like he'll have to find something else that makes him distnict, even though it was so perfect for his theme. Edit: Alot of people are saying its more like Jarvan's ultimate but I'd have to disagree. Jarvan's ultimate traps everyone he can fit into it inside it, while Xin Zhao's ult is all about singling out a target and knocking back all of an their allies, therefore I saw a bigger connection between Camille and Xin than Jarvan. And to everyone saying this is okay, consider this. Camille's ult does what Xin Zhao's ult is trying to do, without regard to what this leaves Xin Zhao. This new champion is taking something Xin Zhao has always done, and 1-Upping it. She is stealing a piece of Xin Zhao's identity, someone whose existed for years now, is being relegated to being the second best at the thing that made him unique. So now when the invetiable Diver rework comes, and its Xin Zhao's turn to recieve changes, he won't be the man diving in and splitting the enemy team apart, _even though he always has,_ Camille stole that part of him, and what does that leave him left to work with?
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