How is diana healthy

Seriously. All she has to do is spam Q at you post 6 and if she hits it you die. Her ult needs an actual CD if it is going to continue to keep its infinite reset mechanic that is essentially on a 10s CD. Her burst time is faster than Rengar's the second the Q hits you. It's literally Q R E W R button mash and there is no way to stop it and if she has passive up then it does even more. If you prevent R the mark isn't used and her ult doesn't go on CD. She even blows bruisers up. Like really. I understand she doesn't have an escape, but how is she even allowed to be viable at all at the state she is in right now. It's worse than LB because you can't even dodge anything if she hits a single ability that she is able to spam. It's you fighting a calculator of whether or not you can live and to top it off even if you do, you probably aren't going to escape because her rotation has a pretty low CD. At least with {{champion:45}} you can cleanse his stun or just not get hit by it and dodge everything. And even if he does kill you he can't fucking chain 2+ kills unless the enemy team fucks up pretty hard. Hell I would rather play against a {{champion:238}} with 1 kill on me than a Diana with 1 kill on me because at the very least I can outplay that.

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