Shaco has to get buffed/changed.

First of all I wanna say why I made this post, It's because of Riot Platy from the support team who told me I should post all of my ideas about Shaco on here: I got some ideas in general for the assassin class but Riot should talk to high elo assassin/Shaco players about this too. Here are some of my suggestions: - Remove Duskblade from the game. It's a really toxic item for the game as the effect is now actually needed as an assassin to 1 shot people without being insanely fed, the Passive is really bad designed, it's unfun and involves no skill at all and in the end it just holds assassins back from getting buffs. - Buff Assassin item. When Duskblade is removed I would not focus on champs (Riot actually should), as they're too hard to balance around themselves and if their kit would be focused with changes they would just be overloaded as Riot really doesn't look at the whole picture. Some change ideas: - Nerf Anti-Assassin items Tabis and PD are disgusting to play against as a non fed assassin (ESPECIALLY SHACO as he provides no real damage for overkilling enemies like Rengar, Nerf rengar btw) Youmuus Ghostblade 55 AD >>> 65 AD Active: 20% MS >>> 35% MS 45s >>> 60s (Better players will be rewarded, because they know how to use their items) Edge of Night Change Build Path from: Ruby Crystal (400) + Serrated Dirk (1100) + Pickaxe (875) = Edge of night (3000 (625)) to Serrated Dirk (1100) + Caulfield's Warhammer (1100) = Edge Of Night (2900 (700)) 55 AD >>> 65 AD Lethality 18 >>> 21 Active: Spell Shield duration 7 >>> 4 Cooldown 40s >>> 25s and make it Melee only so ADC's (etc) can't abuse it. The HP on Edge is really not needed, just make it an assassin and Melee only item, then you can give it AD. Spell Shield Duration rewards good players who use their Edge of Night while being invisible (Bruisers won't be able to abuse this as they would have to go instantly into the fight when activating it, so it should be fine, but ask other high elo assassin players about this), Cooldown getting lower is one thing I kinda wanted as you really just go into the fight and then you can't use it again when wanting to go in again (as example, as Shaco you wan't to go in and kill someone, then somehow get out and then you're kinda useless because you will get 1 shot from anything because they see your invis with a random AOE Spell, so it doesn't really kill shaco, but EON is very helpful in general. (A suggestion from Extreme Person, which I'd like to say here, because I think it's needed even for AP Assassins as Champs like Fizz are just not viable right now) Buff Lich Bane! (Extreme Person just wanted a Lich Bane buff, but he didn't say what in particular so I will tell you what I think) Change Build Path from: Sheen (1100) + Aether Wisp (850) + Blasting Wand (850) = Lich Bane (3200 (450)) to Sheen (1100) + Ather Wisp (850) = Lich bane (2650 (700)) 80 AP >>> 50 AP It costs just too much for it to be an early game item, so nerf the AP it gives but make it a lot Cheaper! Maw of Malmortius Change build Path from: Hexdrinker (1300) + Caulfield's Warhammer (1100) = Maw of Malmortius (3250 (850)) to Hexdrinker (1300) + Serrated Dirk (1100) = Maw of Malmortius (3000 (650)) 50 AD >>> 60 AD 50 MR >>> 35 MR Remove CDR Add 18 Lethality Passive: Shield Power 350 >>> 400 Shield Duration 5s >>> 8s Cooldown 90s >>> 120s As no one really goes Maw (never see it, not even against AP Assassins), I wanted to buff this item and make it an assassin item (Tanks got Steraks, Ranged got PD) so it's atleast useful when going against AP Champs as an assassin in Midlane instead of just rushing MR boots. Higher CD because otherwise it will just be abused against hard mage comps and AP Assassins will hate their lives like everyone does with PD..... Phantom Dancer Revert it, no one asked for something like this (??????) If you don't want ADC's to get oneshot then nerf the damage in the game (Runes, etc) If not just increase CD from 90s >>> 120s Passive Shield 240 >>> 600 to 150 >>> 700 Ninja Tabis Ninja Tabis are one thing that makes the game completely unplayable as Shaco as your whole kit is based on AA's Change Passive so only Ranged AA's deal 12% less damage Armor 20 >>> 30 (Little suggestion from my personal side, not really about Assassins) Ionian Boots of Lucidity MS 45 Flat >>> MS 55 Flat Just Cooldown reduction is....bad (I guess so) so increasing MS is a good little buff for ppl who go (as example) Transcendence on Zed. So now we come to the Shaco changes: Rework Passive My Suggestion: AA's and E'ing from behind deal(s) 12% more damage and when you AA from behind, you get a little Tiamat (like old Guinsoos), which will help Shaco's Clear very much as shaco is the ONLY Jungler who REALLY needs a Tiamat for Jungling without getting cucked by camps. Unless Tiamat doesn't get buffed (cost whise), which will probably not happen Shaco needs this Change. Q Revert the Damage so it's just a safe crit or enhanced Crit when you Crit by yourself. Duration is fine. Everyone who says the Duration is too low in the early game is whether bad or is not even interested in balancing Shaco, they just want Shaco to have an OP Mechanic and be Viable without realizing that he would be perma banned then or Riot would decrease his early game Numbers so he would become completely not viable. W To be honest, I think boxes are pretty much fine, besides some other stuff. (A little suggestion from Veigar v2 and me: Let Boxes not be Smiteable as this destroys your 1v1 dueling in the early and pretty much makes the Kha'Zix Matchup disgusting.) And the Box time to get armed should be decreased from 2s >>> 1.5s Don't let Boxes be focused from Towers, they already deal less damage to Turrets. Everyone who says making it invincible to AOE or just anything near that is once again whether bad or isn't interested in balancing Shaco, YES Shaco boxes are useless past 10 mins, BUT WOULD ANYONE LIKE AN AOE 1 SECOND FEAR IN A TEAMFIGHT? WOULD THAT BE BALANCED? E CD from 8s >>> 10/9/8/7/6 Change Damage from Phyiscal to Adaptive E AD Scaling from (+ 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120% bonus AD) to (+ 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120% AD) E AP Scaling from (+ 75% AP) to (60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100% AP) Remove Execute. Decrease Slow Duration on E Active from 3s >>> 1s Add another Passive: Shaco deals 5/7.5/10/12.5/15% More Damage (Adaptive) to Champs who got slowed by the E effect. The CD being Increased in early and buffed on higher levels is rewarding good Shaco players who don't just go gank someone with Q and instantly E, it rewards players who don't instantly E and actually abuse the Passive and it rewards players who max E (You don't need 3+ Points in Q for early....., if you can't gank with 1 or 2 you're not allowed to cry, you just don't abuse the Jump for Ganking.......) R Remove 3 Boxes when exploding (Stalling, just bad idea for an assassin kit (who thought of this on an assassin?????)) Let Clone not get 1 hit by Turret (?) Increase the Clone Explosion Radius (that's a joke.) Increase DMG from 200 / 300 / 400 >>> 300 / 450 /600 Let the Clone not just walk around when Shaco dies, make it like Tibbers, the Clone goes on the Champ who killed him. This is pretty much it for this Post, please start a discussion about Shaco and AD Assassins in general so riot will actually look at them and Buff/change them! (PS: riot if you wan't to ask Shaco players about buffing/Changing Shaco, please do not go and ask people who build triforce and cry about Damage. Go to Veigar v2, TKP Stefan, Zaro or ShacoTime, (I'd always help you :^)) And Riot Games, if you read this, atleast try some things like the Passive on PBE, you will see it will be very useful and hopefully a good change (Let's pray you guys won't make it OP) Edit: forgot +10 AD on EON Edit 2: Maw MR from 55 >>> 35 MR and Pen on E removed, just more dmg. Edit 3: Made a new Post which regards Shaco on his own and how to buff/fix him in this elo without changing any items/runes:
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