Petition for Ultimate skins to get free Emotes that come with them.

Please Vote! I wish to see atleast a copy of the icons as emotes, maybe not all maybe just 1. Maybe it could be of something else, all of them could benefit. Each one could get 1 Emote added in, that would be free for the ultimate skin users that already had the skin. This emote would fit the thing that makes each skin unique. So for example: Lux = A Emote that shows her current selection form above her head like all emotes do. Ezreal = A Emote that would upgrade itself to the next form after every level. Sona = A Emote that shows what current form she is DJing at that very moment. Udyr = A Emote that shows the animal representation of his current form, it could have some epic special effect particals coming off it. Like the Phoenix could breath 1.5 seconds of fire. EDIT: I made this before GGMF and so.. Miss Fortune = A Emote that shows off what form she's in plus some extra's just to display different MF emotions or feels since her skin was down priced for the lack of enough uniqueness.
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