"It's only flex"

No, it's RANKED flex. That means you come in this game mode to TRY your BEST. Don't first time champs in RANKED game modes. Then at the end of the day, don't come and say, "oh, it's only a game". I know it's only a game. But at the same time, it's a competitive game. I'm tired of your sorry excuses for why you're performing bad INTENTIONALLY. If you have the skill set that you say you have, then you shouldn't be putting yourself in a position where you're costing your team an entire game. If your lane opponent is better than you, then play like a scared cat in front of a lion and don't get close enough to get bite. Let the other people carry the game or give them an opportunity to. To top it off, if you're going into it saying, "it's only a game". Do me a HUGE favor and take that shit in normals.
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