Poor state of ADCs and DPS unviability in the current metagame

In this topic I will explain why in my opinion and according to what can be observed in the game makes DPS type of dealing damage and champions heavily connected to that exact type a huge disadvantage if not liability. To start, I want to explain why I believe ADCs feel so poor to play as it stands for today, since they are prime example of DPS dissappearing from play. The disappearance and lack of ADCs from botlane prior to patch 8.11 and their **current** (patch 8.24) poor state as a class was and currently is **only **a consequence of the _game state in general._ Because there is a huge abundance of damage in the game, LoL as of now is highly centered around early game and **HEAVY BURST**. ADC is a class that is meant to deal **DPS **. Before their changes in patch 8.11 ADCs had semi-strong early game presence which allowed them to maintain themselves as a viable class in burst meta, but then Riot weakened them in that aspect, pushing their scaling further into the late game. This led to opening up botlane... to, ironically, those who had better early game strengths than ADCs prior to changes. That's right, mages and bruisers who can **BURST** better The abundance of damage and early game centered meta made late game nonexistant almost entirely, hence ADCs were basically dead as a whole class for a while. After that Riot made another set of changes which all in all lead us into today's situation, where ADCs have only a set number of playable champions, and others are being replaced with mages that used to perform well on botlane post 8.11 patch. Moreover, why pick a DPS ADC, a class also meant for sieging/taking down tanks, when tanks are nonexistant and Riot introduced a change to mages dealing damage to towers based on their AP, so that they can siege just as good if not better (e.g Ziggs)? If your champion is meant to DPS and not burst, it's practically a disadvantage in the current metagame. It is why Stormrazor, an item meant for burst, is so heavily played on majority of ADCs - to keep up with the burst meta It is why Lucian is mega strong in the meta, he has incredible burst and doesn't rely on DPS to win It is why you often see Draven with his innate strong early game, he bursts people early and if wins, it's hard to stop that It is why Kaisa is being played more often than not, her shield and invisibility are meant to counter bullshit burst with... just as much bullshit as what meta champions have nowadays Every other champion of that class not meant to burst people can't keep up. Hence why most ADCs perform poorly today. DPS is just close to being dead at the moment. It can be seen not only in ADC class, but also quite some mages/bruisers that are tied to that type of delivering damage. Only burst is viable, and if your champion is not meant to do that, it's either seriously underplayed or basically nonexistant. To sum up, if ADC players want their class to become better than it is now, we should instead focus on making Riot revisit their entire view on game state as a whole. Games should last longer/tankiness of champions must be increased for DPS to become viable again. Otherwise not just ADCs, but everything that is somewhat more or less scewed into "later game stage" with weak early game presense or DPS type of damage will dissappear just the same and viable champion pool will only get smaller and smaller as the game goes further into what it is now - short-lived games, burst, burst, burst, one-shots w/o any counterplay gameplay
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